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A Manifestation Collage
By CD Mohatta

We would all like to attract more goodness into our lives and see our dreams come true, but did you ever think that making a collage might help you to do that? Writing down your goals greatly improves your chances of achieving them, but being able to see your goals every day has the advantage of an instant reminder of where you are heading.

To get you started, write a short list of goals you would like to achieve in the next year or so. Consider health, finances, career, relationships & family, lifestyle, vacations, and any other area of your life that is important to you. Color pictures in magazines may be your largest source for these images, but you can also draw, photograph, and photocopy images that will suit you. Removable tape or temporary glue would let you move your images around while you are making your collage, and lets you add or replace images easily as you find new ones. Attaching them to a heavier board such as is used to back pictures will let you display your collage in a prominent place later.

Some of your goals will be easy to represent visually. For instance, you may wish to fix up your house this year. You can find a similar image of your house in a magazine for your collage. Or if you wish to lose weight you might select a picture of a nice piece of clothing, or a healthy body image, or a picture of exercise equipment or healthy food. If you wish to earn more money, you might want to attach an actual bill to your collage. But with other goals you have you may need to get more creative. Perhaps you wish to find romance this year. This could be represented by a couple holding hands and looking happy.

You can use as many images as you like, and you can also use words that are either cut out or that you write or type and print yourself. Words can help you cluster images or they can let you know the specifics of the goal that you can’t see in the image. If you like, you can even put a large date on your collage for when you’d like these goals to be reached.

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