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Scrapbooking is a wonderful hobby! Besides being relaxing and fun, it also allows you to be creative and to spend quality time with your family and friends. Plus, it results in a storybook of lifelong memories.

Handmade Speciality Paper

Everything you need to make paper is easy to find and rather inexpensive. Best of all, its a great conservation effort since you are using 100% recycled paper scraps.

Fabric Covered Boxes For Storage And Decoration

They are very easy to make from boxes that would otherwise be thrown away and oddments of leftover fabric.


Complete List Of Crafting Articles

Click on the link above to view our complete list of crafting articles.

Creating Wonderful Displays For Your Handcrafts

Ideas for showing off your work at craft shows and sales.

Professional Crafting

If you decide to turn "professional." more dedication, planning, time, energy, and money are needed than most people realize.

Crafting Rubber Stamps

Tips on buying or making your own rubber stamps and a few hints on using them too.

How To Make Pot Pourri

Simple instructions for fragrant pot pourrri and variations on the recipe.