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Make A Pretty Chair Planter

Make a lovely garden feature from a junk shop chair.

Secret Of A Green Thumb

Why some people have the knack of nurturing healthy plants and some kill everything they touch!

No-Dig Potatoes

How to grow an enormous crop of potatoes without any back breaking digging.

Complete List Of Gardening Articles

Click on the link above to browse the full list of gardening articles.

Plant Ladders

Old timber ladders can be put to a number of new uses around the home, shed or garden.


Learn Rose Gardening And Have Fun Doing It!

Beginners guide to growing the most loved of garden flowers.

Protect Your Seedlings From Animals And Birds

Lots of inexpensive ideas to help you take care of your young plants.

Garden Magick

Transform a difficult garden into a resort for the soul.

The Magic Of Annual Vines

Create a show stopping garden accent or a living hideaway for children, hide a rusty chain link fence or an unsightly garage wall.

Non Toxic Slug Control

The best way to combat slugs is to understand their lifecycle. Know thy enemy!

Gardening Links

Links to some of the best gardening sites on the web.




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