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Is Your Bathroom Going Down The Drain?

Lots of tips for organizing and clearing clutter for one of the busiest rooms in the home.

Complete List Of Homemaking Articles

Click on the link above for a long list of articles covering decorating, cleaning, organizing, party planning and lots more.

Five Quick And Easy Home Organization Tips

Just fifteen minutes a day should put your house in order.

I Admit It, I'm A Basket Case

Okay, I confess, I love baskets. I think they are just the prettiest things and so useful around the home.

Garden Delights

A few decorative touches will give your outdoor space a feeling of welcome and a beauty all its own.

How To Care For Vintage Fabrics

36 useful tips to help you care for your fabric treasures.

Attacking The Laundry Monster

In many households, laundry is a chore that everyone dreads. It's a never ending circle of drudgery, but the work can be minimized by getting into a routine that you can live with.

Planning A Party Step By Step

Planning a party can become an overwhelming event, if everything is put off to the last minute. Here's the way to plan for your event, without adding any more stress to your everyday life!

Frugally Unique

The frugal lifestyle is not something that most people aspire to out of choice but out of necessity. I, on the other hand, discovered the joy of the five dollar dresser or the fifty cent cookie jar long ago simply out of love.

Caring For Quilts

Wonderful advice on looking after treasured quilts, some of it learned the hard way!



Lots of links to what we consider to be the best homemaking sites on the web.



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Let OXO Good Grips Give You A Hand With Your Cleaning This Spring!

Just in time for some serious Spring cleaning try these really useful brushes and tools from OXO Good Grips. The Deep Clean Brush Set £8, has a larger brush suitable for cleaning tile grouting, shower door tracks, stovetops etc. and the smaller brush with it's wiper blade at one end, will deal easily with any small spaces trapping dirt and grime.

Then use the Kitchen Appliance Cleaning Set £8, to tackle any burnt on spills on cookers with it's sturdy nylon scraper blade and give blender blades a thorough cleanse with the tough nylon brushes that stay sturdy even after regular use, all with the soft comfortable non slip grip that OXO Good Grips products are famous for.

Add the Microfibre Deluxe Duster £7, to your housekeeping caddy and see how it captures dust and dirt without the need for any other products or sprays, and when you've finished just pop off the head and throw it into the washing machine, proving that having the right tools really is the right way to make light work of cleaning the house.

The OXO range is widely available from a selection of national retailers, or can be found online at For stockist details visit or call 0114 242 7295.